Agnostic Reading the Bible

Why am I doing this?

Depending on your beliefs, I’ll get one of two possible responses. One will be the supporters, people who say it’s good and healthy that I’m reading the Bible. The others will be the people who tell me it’s a waste of time to read a book full of lies, deceits and contradictory stories. I’m hoping to appeal to both sides with my interpretations. I think that some background information of me and my reasoning for doing this might make things more understandable.

I’ll start off with how I was raised. My parents were pseudo-Christian. They believed in God and the Bible, but weren’t hardcore about it. They didn’t read the Bible, refer to it on a regular basis, nor did we go to church. Not even for the big days like Easter or Christmas.

I was not without some religious upbringing. My parents did teach me about God and Jesus. I was told about a few of the stories from the Bible and of course the 10 commandments. I was also taught the golden rule: Do unto others as you wish them to do to you. For the most part, I was raised to treat people with the proper respect, and try not to do anything wrong.

So it might help out a bit more, I made my own little Q&A to help answer some questions about me doing this:

So why am I agnostic?
It stems from multiple sources, one of them being from comedians and the other being extreme Christians. While they did not destroy my full belief in God, it made me question religions themselves, mainly Christianity and the Bible.

Have I ever read the Bible before?
Not really. I tried reading it once when I was in my later teens, and was it ever tough to read and focus. It felt worse than reading Shakespeare and it was bad enough trying to read and understand it then, add in the Bible, I barely started Genesis before I called it quits.

So why start now?
It’s been around 10 years or so since I last tried to read the Bible. This time around I feel better in my ability to handle the task. I have matured and my understanding and reasoning have changed since then.

How will this blog work?
I plan to read the Bible, naturally. Generally after each chapter, I plan to write about it. Yes that seems like a lot of articles to write, but depending on what is in each chapter, I might combine them. Each title will be the book and chapter along with I’ll be discussing. Example: Genesis 1: What God did on his 7 day vacation.
I’ll give a breakdown and interpretation of what I read. I will then discuss my thoughts and questions regarding the chapter.

Will it be controversial?
Most definitely, only because any discussion regarding religion or the Bible is always controversial. Everyone’s interpretation varies and this is where my posts can be considered controversial. I may see some scripture as not having much meaning, but to others it means a whole lot more.

Will I bash the Bible?
Not intentionally. I will be taking the book very literal and analyze using common sense, which can make it seem like I’m bashing the Bible. The problem is I’ll get scolded both ways, because I have seen and heard that you shouldn’t take the Bible as being exact reference and others who say the Bible should be the only book referenced and followed as fact without question.

Which version will I be reading?
I’ll be reading the King James Version. I know there are many different Bible versions, and some people will say other versions are more accurate, better, or more accepted than other versions. I choose this version, deal with it.

Do readers have to read along with me?
Not at all; it’s up to you if you want to read the chapters as I do.

Do I think my religious views will change after reading the Bible?
I doubt it. I think my position will stay the same. I think I’ll end up thinking God could still exist, but can’t stand religious literature.

Why can’t I stand religious literature?
I blame it on extreme Christians who take the Bible as the only way of life. Most of the extreme Christians tend to use the literature, picking and choosing portions of literature to make themselves better and always right and everyone else wrong. Christianity also has the most violent past. I don’t feel that the creator of humans want us to kill anyone who doesn’t believe in the book His humans created versus other books His humans created. By that I mean people believe the Bible is correct book versus the Torah or the Koran.  Where they all generally say the same thing; One God and you should believe in Him and be good to each other. But because the exact words and stories are different, everyone thinks it gives them the right to declares theirs the only one and get violent because of it if you don’t agree.

Why read it if I can’t stand it?
I think it’s so I can criticize it. It makes sense for me to say that I shouldn’t criticize the Bible and say it’s good, bad, or other without reading it. I think I have to read it to make that decision versus reading about pieces of scripture or hear say of the Bible as a whole.

How often will I update the blog?
I plan to do at least two a week. If I can get more out I will, otherwise expect two. I may get too busy at times, and may only get one out during the week, if that happens, deal with it.

What if someone don’t like my blog?
Then share it on all social media platforms telling them how horrible and offensive my blog is, and link them to it, so more people may read it and share it.

How will my blog be set up?
As I write my blog, the setup may change from how I originally plan to do so. But how I plan to have it written, at least for now:

While writing a breakdown of the chapter and I’ll be including numbers at the end of the sentence.1 These numbers will be references to issues or questions regarding that sentence/verse associated with that sentence.2 Any additional comments, thoughts, concerns, etc. I will leave for the end after the numbered thoughts.

1 Example one

2 Example two


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